001 | Jet Invasion Voyager-X | Evolve trucks | Dual 6355s 190kv | Custom 10S4p 30Q | Focbox

I just looked up different set screws and there is one called a dog point set screw it has and extend flat piece that keeps everything aligned

Thanks for letting me know, dog point is what you want. I used these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M3-M4-M5-M6-A2-Stainless-Cone-Point-Grub-Screws-Hex-Socket-Set-Screw-Din-914-/272342289921 and filed them down, I didn’t know dog point is a thing :slight_smile:

Can you show me a detailed picture of your sensor wiring? :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

No worries. Added a 2nd picture where u can see all wires.

Can you please elaborate on your decision on these motors? How has your experience been? I just see so many motors for >100$. Are they a lot better`?

Nope. The ones you mention resemble like an 8. The ones he is using are different. Take a closer look…


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Sorry I missed that question. Mounts are gen 3 evolve stock, @BoostedBuilder is right.

this built is a blast… trying to do a similar one :slight_smile: good job :slight_smile:


oooo I’m already subbed to you on youtube… whens the video?

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I’ll make one at some point :slight_smile: I need a rider so I can do the shooting.

Until then:

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New grip tape, vinyl wrap on the bottom and rubber seal:

And some 107s that I still haven’t tested due to bad weather:


I look forward to hearing your preference of the pneumatic or those 107s! Such a great build man

@egzplicit Love the build! How are you finding the racestar motors? Do they have enough power for you?

Nice build, I’m using mostly the same stuff. What connector did you need to change the motor sensors too for the focbox?

Oh. My focbox’s have the T where the H1 is. I was getting detection errors. Looks like they labeled my batch wrong! I have the same motors btw.

@Sender due to UK weather I think my first ride on 107s will be next year. Even when it doesn’t rain it’s constantly wet on the roads and AT does a much better job handling that compared to urethane. Sometimes it’s so slippery (at 1C) the rear wheels lock under really hard braking.

@jdnicholson I like these motors, with 140kv and FOC I get 20mph top speed on AT (15T/66T) and 22-23 on 97s (15T/32T). On 107s it should be slightly more at around 25-26mph but I still have to test that.

I increased motor max amp to 60A and there is plenty of torque, accelerated faster than an evolve in GT (did a drag race once) and Boosted. Overall I’m impressed giving the price of these motors. One motor has developed a ticking noise when not under load (with belt and wheel you can’t hear it but without you can slightly hear a tick tick) but Banggood was kind enough to already send a replacement. I haven’t changed it because it still works just fine but i have a 3rd one just in case. If you need more top speed maybe 200kv is a better option but some torque will be lost. However, overall these motors are great.

@Sippahodge I just cut the hall connector and soldered a jst 2.0mm to fit the focbox.

@navgor yes some batches had the labels wrong, T is next to 5v and not GND.

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Great build thread @egzplicit ! What camera are you using for your photos? They are really sharp and vivid! Your build has a similar look to one I did years ago, before evolve had parts for sale and we were all using kid’s nordic rollerblade wheels lol!

Thanks! I’m using a Sony A6500 and one external flash to take the pictures.

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