1 set of TB 218 trucks available | EU

Hello fellow e-skaters,

So finally, after 3 months wait time, I received my order from @torqueboards, this was stressful, but your products look GREAT! Thank you!

  • I got 4 sets of trucks for you EU guys so if anyone is still looking for these, they are €70 shipped from Switzerland.

  • I also have 3 sets of motor mounts available. These are for 63mm motors and they will fit the tucks with some force or with a bit of filling. I could also print a pulley cover in grey PLA if you wish. €60 for both if you purchase with the trucks.

If you are interested, potential way of paying is with Friends and Family through PayPal or (what I suggest!! ) with Goods and Services though PayPal however that will add €3 to the total.

Thank you for taking a look!


I’ll take one set of trucks :smiley:

I am in for a set of trucks.

Replied to your PM

Great! You can pay here:

Please pay in euros, not in francs and indicate your Shipping address as well as forum name (if possible).

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Okay I will send the payment in a moment, I am not home yet I just did not want to miss these :smiley:

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Ill take a set. These are slightly thicker than caliber II trucks right?

The truck profile is similar to Caliber but slightly bigger by 1mm. Let me know the details!

It looks like all the trucks are reserved/payed for. If any of you are interested in the mounts, let me know! They are great!

Is that including my offer for a set or was I too late?

Okay, payed. Can we get a rough estimate on when you will ship? The shipping time from my experience is within 1 week from Switzerland.

That was fast :slight_smile: Happy to be in thank you @BoostedBuilder


That’s including you!

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OK fantastic, wanted to confirm before making payment.

The post office is now closed so I’ll ship them tomorrow morning. Usual delivery time is within a week, could take a little longer!

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Just paid 70€ plus 3€ for goods and services. Included address with payment.

Great thank you!

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Money Sent. Thanks man!

Anyone want buy a single truck brand new

Morning all,

It turns out no post office around me works on weekends, thank you Switzerland!!

Everything is packed and ready to go:

Ill ship your goodies first thing in the morning.