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$1000 Budget Mountain Board Build - What would you buy?

Hey everyone,

I thought it would be a better idea to see what more experience people would buy if they had a $1000 budget for a off-road electric mountain board.

I’m 220lbs and I’d a stiff suspension since it may be easier to learn with. I never skateboarded before.

Speed - 25mph+ would be nice

Battery - I’ll just build a 13s3p or 4p with LG 20a batteries pack myself and 3D print a encloser. Battery Pack will take around $250 off the $1000

The rest is what you think is best for the budget.

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Do you want to invest in a ecosystem like MBS or Trampa for future upgrading? or do you just want something budget?

I don’t particularly recommend building and electric speed stick if you aren’t good at bombing some hills on a longboard. Pick up a learner board (drop deck + TB110 wheels + riptide bushings makes any board nice) Afterwards these parts can be sold for most of their value if you want.