100amp 12s esc?

i i am looking for a esc for my mountain board but i want a 12s 100a one i have the Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-192kv Brushless Outrunner Motor can any of u recommend a ecs i was looking at these Turnigy Sentilon V4 100A 5-12s HV Bulletproof Speed Controller w/RPM Sensor (hobbyking) robbe Roxxy Blcontrol 9100-12 Opto http://www.voelkner.de/products/182335/Roxxy-Blcontrol-9100-12-Opto.html and i don’t wane spend more then 150 per esc

not to argue, but this will end up being able to handle 5kw of energy, 49V*100A… I think you can use lower amps for each motor on your board :slight_smile:

na men i am fat i am 55kg haha no i just wane get that 50km/p :heart_eyes:

Hello there 100A is definitely a overkill I weight 95 kg and never have pull more than 55A under any circumstances, if you want to have some headroom you can get a 60A or 80A BMS.

wat speeds do u get ?? and u use dubbel i am gone start singel or isnt that a problem

I can get 35 mph. The single will work good for hard surface like asfalt or hard terrain the plus is that it will give you better range.

For off road performance Dual is the way to go.

tnx but wat 12s esc can u recoment and is singel rly bad for of road rly need it o and dont u draw more amp on one motor

I have a brand new 100A 4-12S Turnigy SuperBrain ESC for sale in the US. I bought it as a backup and never used it. PM me if interested


Some of the cool features it has are an integrated data logger, which stores voltage, current, RPM, temperature, etc for your last 5 runs. It is intended for helicopters, but it is fully programmable and has adjustable brakes. My coworker uses one very similar on his e-board, and it works great. It’s a rock solid ESC from what I have read

That’s not fat, I could pick you up with 1 arm :laughing:

What about this ESC? http://www.wheelspinmodels.co.uk/i/85118/

Na it’s fat for a 189cm person haha no I know I am totally not fat but way is I good 12s Ecs Btw u are :muscle:

Thx man but its the same as the roxxy only the roxxy is cheaper in nl

damn , weigh in at 105kg atm :stuck_out_tongue:

But u are probably not a 15 ??

almost… or… multiply with 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

but a goot ecs for the sk3 192 kv any one?

Well, The No1 EMTB Guy (@Nowind ) over here approved the Roxxys as good, so they are well tested (And Burned) in ESK8/EMTB Applications. If i was to upgrade to 12S, i would use these, as they are also tested with 8072 Motors.

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Yup I know

Don’t you need to link your ESC’s if you are running with two motors?

@mountainboardlover69 to answer your first question Maytech MTVESC100A

Contact Eileen Lu on social media you may get a discount.