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105mm airless tire hub motor

I’m on FOC sensorless because it can’t detect the hall sensors :frowning:

I forgot to add the link to the

did you try bldc or a hybrid mode

No yet, and never heard before of hybrid mode :smiley:

ackmaniacs tool

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I fixed most of the issues. So for the initial start jerking I was addressed running it sensored (I had to swap 2 wires due to the TB extenders). I’m now using motor max 60, brakes -60. See them here:

It climbed a 15 degree hill without issues. I’m pretty pleased. See graph here:

I’m having a little issue with brakes. They’re not as smooth as I’d like. Any suggestion here? Thanks!


You can try @Ackmaniac’s firmware and play with the acceleration /brake curves. When I use the nano-X that has a really short throttle range it helps a lot.

There is also in the standard version. I was thinking in giving to the brakes -30 curve. Thoughts ?

No only ackmaniac that’s why I suggested it.

What’s the difference with the one you find in the standard Vesc tool? I checked and the UI looks identical

It’s absolutely based on that so yuu do the same steps. Although it’s based on watt and no current. You can find a explanation in the first post from @Ackmaniac. It also have some extra features like the 4WD split control, or change vesc setting on going using your phone incase you use his app, the throttle curve ecc… I used since day one and It’s good.

Thanks mate! I’ll give it a try. I’m just a little worried since I’m on Vesc 6.6. It seems that @Ackmaniac’s tool is few commits behind the master branch.

I use Ackmaniac’s firmware with ESCapes and it’s running fine. I really can second what @rey8801 said, ackmaniac’s firmware is so much smooooother then stock.

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Awe! I’ll definitely give a shoot tomorrow. I hope I can upload a firmware in TCP mode :slight_smile: btw, is the firmware inside the app as usual? Did you use hw_no_limits? Thanks mate!

I have to check on my PC can not recall it at the moment.

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I also just got the Flipsky 6.6 and planning on use ackmaniac firmware. I have seen other use it. Yes you can connect through the app via TCP to the VESC tool. You can flash new firmware, only thing it will take a bit longer because the set baud for the Bluetooth module is 9600 and not higher like metr. For a better connection keep the board, computer and phone close by. They have to be on the same wifi or Hotspot from the phone. The lastest worls better for me

Dd you turn your remote on while holding the throttle? I had this issue with the nano x. That sometimes causes the motors to accelerate like crazy and you have to hold the throttle back so it stops. Thats my best guess

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With Nano-x you also have to remember to do the ppm signal mapping with the remote set on pro mode and not slow, otherwise you get 85% of the throttle. Moreover every time you turn on the remote you have to do the quick calibration. If you don’t do it that you will get really sketchy throttle and brakes.

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The only problem I could think of is that you coild boil your motor when you up your max. motor amp to something like 100A ea or similar. Since you lack a tempsensor (so no VESC overtemp protection) and run most likely obove motor Amp limit. Sure as long you can touch it it should be below ~65°C, non the less if you run sensorless and up your motor amps keep an eye on your motor temps manually.

But I can confirm that a higher motor Amp max can solve coging issues in FOC.

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After reading a lot about it I think is the failsafe. Basically when loses signal for 1sec it brings you where you were (I was starting at at stop light, so the throttle was max), then back to zero. I switched to the mini remote. :slight_smile: