107mm wheels build

Hey guys! I currently have a mono drive 10s board on 83mm wheels and it feels terribly shaky and wobbly on most of the streets so I have some questions for you guys.

  1. Will there be an actual noticeable difference with 107s?
  2. Is there any way to get an easy to put together system for all terrain wheels like the evolve has? Will the evolve pulley fit on the caliber trucks?
  3. Will the 107mm abec11 flywheels work with 13/40 gearing with 280mm belt? (All from DIYes…)

THANKS SO MUCH for anyone who helps!

Yes. From 83 to 107mm wheels there’ll be a big noticeable difference in smoothness of ride and top speed, but you’ll also experience a small drop in torque and acceleration.

I run 110mm 78A wheels and it’s massively different, in a good way.


What are you running?

Thanks for the reply man! Where did you get the wheels from? And do they fit in regular caliber trucks? Cause I saw that they are much wider (75mm instead of the 50mm in the regular 83s). And what gearing do you use? I was thinking 13/40

I’m running these!


Those are pretty cool. Did you make the pulleys mount?

Yup, all of the drive train…

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Those are sick. How many miles do you have on them? It’d be awesome if someone made pneumatics that size.

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this is so cool!!! how did you get the chain drive to work??

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are those washers outside the bolts? I was curious about stepping up wheel size and options for mounting. this looks fantastic btw!

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@Bataleon Must have around 30-40 Millie’s so far. Before I rebuilt it slightly recently; new li-ion battery, enclosure, switch etc. I was using two 3s lipos for about 35 miles worth, but still with same wheels.

@Shahar9320 I fabricated it myself. I found a company online that sold small chains and sprockets and basically just bolted it to the wheel! Lol.

@trancejunkiexxl Yeah they’re washers on the outside of the wheel. Had to grind one side down though to sit nicely flush to the wheel itself. It’s not very pretty, but it works…

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as long as it holds well, I think ima copy you =)

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Lol, cool. Go for it :smiley: No more belt slippage under braking that’s for sure!

ya ive had great success with 15mm kit, chain sounds even better!! how difficult is adjusting or adding linkage?

Quite! You need a proper chain splitter for that that small size chain (not your average bicycle chain size). I messed around without one for ages but finally got it sorted.