10A fuses Australia

Anyone got any littelfuse 10a 58v fuses laying around, minimum order plus shipping means $30 for 1 dollar fuse

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Have you tried sites like Digikey or Mouser?


Edit: Oops, just had a peek at their shipping rates. Yikes. I would try the usual suspects direct from China like Aliexpress, Banggood and GoodLuckBuy.

yeah they’re both 20-25 for shipping, the cheapest I’ve found is 12$ shipping with minimum order of 10 so its no better at 25$

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Mouser Australia?


And theres these guys in Victoria:


all have crazy surcharge and import fees, is 32v too low?, I was recommended 58v

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Import fees from Mouser located in Australia? Ok.

What do you need this fuse for? Also I would ask on the Ebike forums. Thats a common item for them too and theres bound to be someone who knows where to get them or can mail you one for cheap.

its only an AU website but everything comes from overseas, charge port

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Recommend making a new thread here and be sure to let them know you’re in Australia:

I have no idea how a 32v fuse would perform with 58v going thru it. Maybe someone else knows?

This is a totally different ballgame since these guys are feeding 250v thru 12v fuses. 2,000% of what they’re designed for. Just positng for fun. :open_mouth: