10awg wire for 30 cell pack?

I am trying to make a 30 cells pack using Samsung 30Q cells which are in 10s3p using 10 gauge wire. I will be soldering the pack because unfortunately, I do not have a spot welder. Will the wire be sufficient enough as far as amperage and cooling? P.S I tried using copper tinned braid however it would not solder.

how many amps are you gonna be drawing, I use 8 gauge for my board so 10 should be a good choice as long as its not a high amp ammount.


The longer a wire is the more resistance it has due to the longer path the electrons have to flow along to get from one end to the other. The larger the cross sectional area, the lower the resistance since the electrons have a larger area to flow through. This will continue to apply no matter how thick the wire is.

Larger wire, less resistance, less heat, higher efficiency.

I think 10awg would be a good choice. I would recommend a high wattage soldering gun for soldering battery cells together. The faster you can make the solder joint, the less area of the battery cell gets heated. It also helps to prevent cold solder joints. I use a Weller 300watt soldering gun for all heavy soldering.

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