10mm ID bearings on an 8mm axle, solutions yet?

so i scrubbed old threads and heres what im looking at/for.

Id like to try some 8" budget tires… they have the 10mm ID bearing and assuming you can swap out the bearing (cuz i dont want the hassle nor to hit a wall and be denied) lets just roll with what we got… then we got trucks that have the 8mm axle. Im looking for a US domestic option for a sleeve of some sort. Not board bumper from AUS. Not looking to lathe either. So do we have a solution or option that sleeves and makes this magic happen with out either buying a higher end truck with a 10mm axle?


Could you simply buy a pipe with internal 8mm hole and 10mm OD… ?

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thats what im looking for… i found…and lost a link a while back for something similar like that BUT i still havent read anything definitive here yet from anyone who can say they either work or dont and thats where im hoping to get =)

IMG_20170628_184424 I’ve made these a few years ago. No issues. It’s basically the same thing as using a pipe


i feel like i saw that post… i though i read something along the line tho that you threaded the other end and then put those on? or did i get that wrong? thx

Go to a local maschine shop and ask for them to make the “sleeve” for you, its a 15min job for them

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What are the outer diameter? I use 638 bearings (8x28x9) in my Trampa wheels to use it on standard axles

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yeah Im being cheap considering the budget 8" tires which have the bearing pressed in…so a simple bearing swap wouldnt be so simple but a PITA… trampas could be an option yes but trying to build a budget 8" in the near-far future =)

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Yup that’s right. But in my case I had to extend the axel diameter and the lenght of the axel to fit trampas 8" .

how much axle do the trampa hubs need? the budget 8" ask for 47mm…

either way more axle is needed so TBs wont work… Ive got a good feeling for the new baseplate/hanger combo boardnamics has coming out… rough specs at 220mm hanger with something like 45-50ish mm of axle which should work…

theres always the knock off trampas too…looking for that old thread again…feel like someone said they were slightly cheaper (could do the bearing swap easier) then would just have to find budget pulleys for them…if theres even a source for that =/

to many ideas draining my wallet lol

I don’t remeber how much they needed. I have one extra sleeve at work that I can measure tomorrow

I think Trampa sell reducers for so you can fit their bigger bearings onto 8mm axles… might just be for the 9.xxx diameter bearings though, can’t really remember

found the dirty trampas lol… with pulley this is hella cheap and tempting…because i just like to gamble sometimes lol


Those looks nice. Not sure they will end up much cheaper then buying from trampa tho… But you’ll get the aluminium pulley wich is nice. I’ve used 3d printed pha/pla pulleys with my trampa wheels for years. That’s a cheap option aswell.

Edit. Ffs that’s a 1:1 copy of trampa’s hubs :expressionless: Support the original designer instead and I’ll send you the pulley stl file

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you didnt see the thread months ago about all these? I do support trampa… my wallet cant lol if i start doing ANYTHING it probably wont start till late fall early winter anyways but working on getting things lined up now…

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No I don’t really use this forum much anymore. I’m over at forum. However I know how expencive it can be with this hobby, good luck on your build :+1:

Dunno if this was said…take some old crappy steel caged standard skateboard bearings and RIP them apart. The inner cylinder that slides onto your axle will accommodate your issue. You’ll need maybe 3 per axle but I know it works and I’m betting we all have a few old bearings lying around as testers. I’ve run across 2sizes but majority would fit my 10mm AT MTB wheels. Great on the tb218’s. Aloha

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Just an fyi but I’ve found that most pneumatic wheel hubs are the same size of what tires on them they will work for almost any other skateboard pneumatic tire. However I’m having this same issue or needing the same thing only because the gear I want to run is permanently attached to the hub, which has the 10 mm inner diameter bearings and I want to run the 8mm ones. Have tried taking the inner race out of the smaller bearings and putting them on the inside of the larger bearings and it’s very hard to well you got to grind them down to give them fit it’s very hard to get them right perfect for to be even and fit right.