10s 3p spacecell pro single cell short

So long story short a single cell in my pack touched a part of my bms that was apparently warm enough to melt through thebheatshrink and damage the can of the cell it’s an obvious short. My question is should I make an entirely new 10s 4p pack or replace that single cell with a new one

Measure the other cells if they got damaged. If everything else is ok, you could replace the cell if you´re battery is only slightly used. If the good old lady has already seen some charging cycles and you put a fresh, new cell in, you´ll get some balancing problems.

Yup she’s seen a good 16

But all the other cells are fine

I am not sure what kind of balancing problems @TarzanHBK expects. A new cell will not give you balancing problems since the old ones will be the bottle neck - also 16 charge cycles are not much. Especially with a BMS it should work flawlessly. The hardest part will be physically replacing the cell because of the spot welds. Be careful!


16 is totally fine. You will get issues if you put a new cell in a 500 cycles battery. The cells will behave very different at that lvl.

But even then: putting a new one should never cause problems. If you put an older cell in a pack it might be dangerous because it might get drained too much but with a newer cell the pack quality would actually increase. Differences like that could become a problem at 1P but who uses that anyway?

I believe he is speaking about cell resistance… not sure tho

Edit @Maxid @TarzanHBK thanks both for the help it’s one of the cells on the end of the pack so that’s good at least and it mealsi don’t have to try and it through the middle

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I’m guilty :joy:

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