10s 4p lithium Ion battery

So I saw The Beast trying to find out how to build a battery pack and decided to give it a try to see if it was really as he made it seem (it was not). Now after doing the research i got interested and decided it was about time to switch from Lipo. Now I going to build one and made this plan its pretty crappy but I want to see if there is any issues with it. I am trying to make it as flat as possibly and was wondering if I could solder the batteries in series and only spot weld them in parallel.

I have an idea in mind for what I want to get for these but want to see what you recommend for a BMS, a cell, Charger, and a spot welder.

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cell: read loads of good things about the standard Samsung 18650 30q.

bms: d190 bestech charge only

group buy:

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The samsung is what i saw to get and is what i am planing to get. Thanks.

Pretty sure the group buy ended

Ah snap true. But he sold 50 in no time so I guess in a week, there might be already enough interest in another one. Especially since you only need a min of 2 for an order. One thing that I understand but still bugs me is that a few esk8 deciples are allowed to create group buys :upside_down:

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What kind of spot welder and nickel strips will you be using?

Yeah i hope it goes back up and it would be nice to be able to start group buys.

https://www.joyfay.com/catalog/product/view/id/10283?gclid=Cj0KCQiAuZXQBRDKARIsAMwpUeTwRmqpBz8MzMc6d_yburUDX1xy_dlWGWaMyitmJaboHaLU9_qiYi0aAgfZEALw_wcB This is a spot the spot welder and what nickel strips do you recommend

apparently any pure nickel from ebay will do fine. 0.15mm is the minimum thickness that allows for proper amp draw - this is what i have read. Dont have own experience yet.

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Ok i look for 0.20 mm then that seems good and any idea about the spot welder Thanks

This paired with a cheap car battery is supposed to be one of the better options. Not really cheap in total though.

https://m.alibaba.com/product/60451408649/Electric-Tool-Lithium-Battery-Charger-42V.html This charger was recommended to me. @whitepony supposedly has it. Can you give us more insight?

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What do you want to know more about I should be able to tell you.

If it will last and not fk up my 180€ battery hehe

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If what will last sorry

Ah nevermind thought you wanted to tell me more about chargers :smiley:

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ah ok and the charger is also a bulk buy only you have to buy more then 50

yeah I just noticed :eyeglasses:

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Here we go. This one has been tried and tested by @Silverline and it looks pretty neat.

pictures etc here:

Now thats a nice charger that should work thanks


That charger works pretty well :slight_smile: