10s 80a bestech bms

I’m looking for a 10s bestech bms to use with my lipos since I don’t wanna spend money for two on their website. Currently in USA.

I’m also looking for one!! :slight_smile:


There should be a mandatory country field for each sell post.


I could get in on this. I’m in the UK.

I am also looking for one, USA, California

Well there are 3 USA members and 2 UK members that want it so there you go you have enough for a group buy.

Did y’all every get a group but going?? There is no but button for these bms from bestech

A group buy was done for these by @thisguyhere but it’s over. Perhaps someone at level 3 needs to start another one. There is still one BMS that hasn’t been sold but it’s for bypass, not 80A

I also did one i will need more bms’s soon so I will make another one