10S and 12S adjustable charger from China - groupbuy - Worldwide!

Hey guys, I’m looking into buying a charger with adjustable voltage from 36V to 42V from China. Here are the specs:

Adjustable voltage 36V-42V (10S) or 43.2V to 50.4V (12S) with external knob Current: 5A+/- 10% error Plastic enclosure and fan. 5.5mm dc plug (other options available) Size: 16cm x 8.5cm x 5.6cm Over current, over voltage short circuit and reversed connection protection. Dual LED indicator (red=charging, green=fully charged or no load) Price: $30 for 10S version, $37 for 12S version.

Adding an aluminum enclosure raises the price about $20.

The reason I want it to be adjustable is so I can set my batteries to storage without disconnecting from BMS.

This group buy is open world wide and will ship straight from manufacturer to you.

There is a second group buy going on by @Norco for EU people only I think but it’s for a completely different charger. Check post 60 for details.


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U should do a bms group buy

I’m really not interested in buyinng another BMS. This is the last piece to my build

I sense fire if this charger is really putting out 42 V at 5 amps. I am assuming the battery pack is at least 5 cells in parallel.

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No and no.

I’d like one but to EU.

You can do a storage charge without disconnecting the bms. Just turn the charger off before the batteries are fully charged. I don’t think it’s necessary to balance them for storage if you charge the pack to 36v for Li-ions Although, if you can get a custom 5-10a 42v charger for under $40, That’s a good deal. My 42v 5a charger from battery supports cost $53 plus $30 shipping

I would have to be constantly looking and paying attention to voltage while charging in order to stop it at the right time. With this, I only have to set it and forget about it. I can disconnect it a few hours later knowing the pack won’t go over storage. This would be great as my gf is not the most attentive person lol (Build is for her).

Yikes! That’s expensive! I think I paid $45 for my 42V 5A charger including shipping.

I’m also looking for a similar charger (4amp +) with a 41/42v cut off. Seems there are a fair few of us looking. Even if a group buy doesn’t come out of this it would be good to share links to what we find. I really liked the look of the one White Pony used (Modiary) but they no longer sell single units and MOQ on Ali is 50!

White pony uses a german one i thought


He bought his charger from a German shop.

The charger is made by Modiary in China

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@PXSS I’d be interested; I want a charger that I can adjust to 41V, just to elongate cells lifespan and to avoid hitting the overcharge threshold due to regen (as unlikely as that is). I’d even settle for a 2A version that is adjustable.

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I just bought an mean well charger which is often used by the people on the ebike forums. I got it for 25€ incl. postage in Germany. Its the CLG-150-48V model which can be adjusted from approx. 38-58V. You can also adjust the current.


Interesting - link to where you purchased?


It’s this one. Just sent him an offer of 20€ and he accepted :smiley: try less…

http://www.meanwell.com/productPdf.aspx?i=315 Data sheet here

Just realised that this wouldn’t be suitable for me as I don’t have a BMS and the over current protection it too high to act as a cut off. I have fitted a balance plug during my battery build so maybe I bite the bullet and add a BMS!?

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@treenutter But 2A is so painfully slow… I’ll keep you updated.

@Norco Do it!

@TranxFu, interesting… will look more into it. Might use it as leverage to bargain the price of the chinese one. :wink:

Haha but I am trying so hard to keep it simple.

Nothing simpler than plug in charger and place knob on full charge an hour before a ride and after the ride place knob back on storage for an hour. Battery always remains healthy and you dont have to fuss with any other chargers etc.

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