10s battery for 2 6s motors

Hi all! I got 2 motor like this https://hobbyking.com/en_us/kd-53-20-brushless-outrunner-195kv.html

Kv: 195 rpm/v Max Current: 80A Max Power: 1500W Cell Count: 5 ~ 6S LiPoly

I would like to power it with a 10s battery made of 20 18650 hg2 batteries 3000mAh 20A/30A 3.7v Do you think is it good?

Waiting for some hints


Yeah it would be fine.

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@Davefraud did it work? Because I’m planning to do the same thing but only with turnigy batteries.

Hi! I’m still working on. I do the job in my spare time and I’m now waiting for battery charger port. Then I’ll complete the battery pack