10s battery pack low profile(UK)

hi there, i am looking to build a pretty low profile board, but i cant decide on how i want to do the battery pack. I was thinking of do 5 2s packs and wire in series to get a 10s pack. and as 2s packs are pretty small they wouldn’t stick out much from the bottom of the board.

The problem with this is how I would charge all the batteries, as charging 5 batteries separately doesn’t really appeal to me. I have looked at BMS’s but I cant seem to find any 10s suitable products.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I could charge them all together or in two smaller packs?

Maybe 2 packs of 5s3p and wire them in series when you are on the board, then when you aren’t unplug them and charge. Or just do one 10s3p and get a bms from supower

sounds like you want to use lipo.

if you want to use a bms, just search for something like that: http://www.batterysupports.com/36v-37v-42v-10s-60a-10x-36v-lithium-ion-lipolymer-battery-bms-p-267.html then you can charge them with a laptop style charger.

other option is like you suggest charging 2 packs seperatly (one 4s + one 6s) with a balance charger like an imax b6. therefore connect the packs in series and wire the balance cables together to get a 4s and a 6s pack.

the two packs (6s+4s) does seem like a good idea, could you link a video or thread for a wiring tutorial for batteries in series?

Go 5s and 5s not 6s and 4s. Not as good for batteries.

how can you wire 2s packs into 5s pack

thats the problem! i´m talking about charging wireing! If in use, put all 5 2s batteries in series. So charging with an bms is much easier than that.

Also better than your 2s plan: two 5s like @lox897 mentioned and you could lay them out flat. (Should be a tutorial somewhere)

yea that makes sence

also, i known its not related to this topic but is it bad to run a motor at its max voltage, say 10s battery with 10s motor when battery is fully charged?

No it’s fine

I would strongly advice you to look at @whitepony builds. They are ultra slim. And he always has good photos of his builds so you can figure out the layout. He doesn’t use BMS because good cells usually do not drift at all. Seriuously, read his build threads.