10s bestech bms

I need to get 1 10s bms from bestech so if any one needs 1 let me know I’ll order a Few I’m in Ireland But I will ship back out to Europe and USA… Need numbers to price it up http://bestechpower.com/37v10spcmbmspcbforli-ionli-polymerbatterypack/PCM-D223V1.html

How much is the 12S Version?

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12s 80a with e switch I have emailed her

How much for a 10s bms?

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got myself one off aliexpress @GrecoMan stil waitin for the thing,only ordered it 27 days ago…balls @hornet90 in Ireland myself bud what board you got

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i might consider one, whats the price?

Don’t have any prices yet waiting on email

I think I was talking to u be for…I’m in Dublin I have 2 boards 1 20 mile metro board and my dog board 192kv 5x2c 500mha lipos 30mph 14 mile range

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Should have prices tonight or tomorrow

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Interested depending on shipping, I’m in Cali

Am interested in one for a 10S. I’m located in Germany.
Let me know prices for the BMS when you have them plus cost of shipping. Cheers

Interested too.

Prices came in with paying the vat €52 plus shipping vat is payed so Europe no vat…I don’t know how that will work in the USA it’s the vat at 23% killing it…

In US they should be $39 a piece, plus ~$30 Shipping. Thats what they were when i bought them. Minimum of 2, your looking at 110ish

I’m to pay 23% vat on top of the price as well There $40 each as from yesterday

yeah, that sucks yall have VAT. It might be cheaper to have them shipped state-side, then list their value as a bag of rocks to ship them to europe :wink:

There is no way I would ever do that wink :wink: wink :+1:

It’s the added cost of shipping 10 would need the be ordered it’s $470 Inc shipping