10S BMS Sourcing?

I’m about to begin my first build, and I couldn’t be more excited! I was planning to go with the 10S 60A BMS from SuPowerBattery, but just noticed they will be closed for business from January 30th - March 1st (just my luck!).

Does anyone have any other recommendations for a 10S BMS rated at at least 40A? I’m based in the US, but am happy to order internationally.

I see the 10S BMS from BesTech is also recommended, but I was having a difficult time ordering from their website, and have also read about the minimum order quantity of 2.

Thank you for any help in advance! What an awesome community.

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I have a 10s 40A bms I could sell for 30$ from EU

Hmm… I’d prefer for something new, but I appreciate the offer!

It its new but Yeah I saw your PM

have you already selled? did you buy from a random site or from a reliable supplier?

He doesnt want it, pm is intrested

I will have 6, 10 and 12s BesTech BMS’s with eSwitch in a few weeks. (Liion and Lipo)

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Under 70$ for 10s?

Oh yeah, definitely! Will be around the $50 range.

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