10S BMS with 50.4V charger

So… i did shit, i was convicent that i ordered a 12S bms, and buyed 24 batteries for make a 12S2P and a charger with 50.4 V. my question is can i use the charge with the bms? and i have 4 cell batteries for sell



Since you use the bms for balance the charging fase. No you can’t. You just need to buy another bms 12s charging only thar è are really cheap out there.

Edit: 12s2p Liipn battery will sag a lot I believe. Maybe consider to buy few cells more and go for 10s3p. If you want more power maybe something in between like 11s3p. Then the bms is ok for 10s but not the charger. Some charger you can change the Vol by open the case and thereis a voltage regulator inside that you modulate, although it allows small changes of plus minus 5V so probably won’t be possible.

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