10s board *FOR SALE* *reduced price* SOLD

Im selling this board to fund a mountain board build.

-random deck off ebay that i cut down to what I wanted. maple ply. very stiff. drop through. -custom stain and grip design -213kv sk3 -TB 12s ESC -83 mm blue abec wheels -40:14 drive ratio (shit ton of torque cuz im heavy) (also have a 18T if you want) -volt meter -very cleanly done GT2B badwolf mod -custom thick aluminum welded rear facing mount -9mm belt (works fine and im at 220 lbs) -breaker on/off switch -hanging battery with rusty ass steel plate (never painted it) -10s 10 amp hour lipo battery 10c. they’re redone multistar batteries.

Battery is sold. 400 bucks for the rest of the board plus shipping. Which is usually around 20 bucks.

This was always my secondary board so naturally doesnt have very many miles on it. mostly likely much under 80 miles. its dirty because of life. works 100% fine put my word on it. its got about a 27 mile range max speed of like 25 ish. under current gearing ratio. thats with a 220 lb rider. Carves very well. I dont have to sell the battery if you dont have a 10s charger, its one single battery and i know most people dont have a 10s capable charger.

Asking whatever i can get for it lol. Yes im willing to part it out if their is enough interest in enough parts.

u willing to sell off the parts? edit: just read this whole thing oops

i’m anxiously waiting to see what you do with that deck i just shipped you.

@willpark16 you kill me

Sorry bro i really need a pulley and fast because i dont have a car and i need a way to get to work. I wasnt getting his motor tho edit: plus ive got 24 26650 lifepo4s laying around that i gotta use

You know it!

Gotta kick ass

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Another one got infected with the Trampa virus?

Lol I think they think it’s easier than a diet lol :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I thought that guy Mylo Columbo on facebook bought it from you? He said he commissioned a build from you.

Can I buy the remote and receiver off you for $35? Looking forward to your response!!!

I have some offers on the full board and that remote so i will keep you updated on what happens

what are you using to shield the motor wires?

not sure what its called but its a flexy tube that has a cut in one side and comes in rolls of like 20 feet at homedepot for 7 bucks. Used in cars and basically all applications.

I’d like to buy but I’m new to this whole DIY thing, if anything goes wrong could I rely on you for help/ assistance?

How much would you consider fair?

Is the whole board still up for grabs? I’d be happy to take it off your hands. Just have some reliability questions.

Lol coming out of the woodwork @barajabali Good timing lol

I’d buy it since you’re local and I’d be able to test it before hand, but my girlfriend would kill me if I did. :grin:

Just do it! At least you’ll die doing what you love…:heart_eyes:

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Where are you located?

Think land of Lincoln