10s Li-ion Bestech BMS: $55 Shipped in the USA

BRAND NEW (the one pictured is the one that will be used on my e-mtb; you will get one in a sealed package) 100 amp over-current protection 20 amp continuous over temp cut-off sensor built in power switch 55mmx 55mm x 21mm I’m looking to get $55 for it. Free Shipping CONUS.

Here is the one in my mountainboard in action:

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Seems a bit low to me?!

you could bypass output and use for charging/balancing

With 10S = 36V, 20A is still 1200 Watts of continuous power.

36 volts at 20 amps is 720 watts of continuous power.

You know that feeling when nothing goes right with your day :sweat:. I’m experiencing it right now.

Yes, 720 Watts.

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Then i do not need such an expensive BMS. I could buy the 15€ BMS from ebay for charging… This BMS here has also a soft switch which would be without use :smiley: :smiley: