10s Lipo BMS system help

So just trying to get me head around setting up a 10s Lipo BMS system on my setup

I have 2x 4s zippy batteries and 1x 2s zippy lipos all 5000mah same spec

Am I correct in thinking that if I am just using the BMS system for charging, and bypass the rest. I can use any old BMS system such as this…

Yes as long as the specs are right for your battery. Check the full charge voltage if that bms many from eBay charge the cells up to 4.28v which will kill them

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Great thanks for the info, will make sure I check and again with a meter when I have implemented it.

So looking at some specs on some cheap BMS. It looks like ‘Detect Voltage’ is set at 4.2v and Over-charge Detect is set at 4.28v. Does this mean it is the type that will kill the battery?

Overcharge Protect Over-charge Detect 4.28±0.05V

Over-charge release 4.08±0.05V

Balance Detect Voltage 4.2±0.025V

Release Voltage 4.2±0.05V

Yes, I came across that problem when I was looking for a bms. To be honest I have no idea. It doesn’t really make sense to me because they seem like the same thing but it has two different ratings, maybe someone else with more experience could help?

Bump - Anyone got any light on this?

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