10s Lipo pack in series not showing voltages?

Hi everyone, so I’m about to plug my batteries (2x 5s lipo in series) into my BMS and i was measuring voltage through the balance connectors with a multimeter just to make sure the order is correct.

The first lipo pack showed the correct voltages (3.7, 7.5, 11.2, 15, 18.7) however, when I move on to the second pack, every balance lead shows up as a solid 1 on the multimeter instead of the voltages (22.4, 26.1 … etc.). I have tried putting the negative lead from the multimeter on the negative wire as well as the negative balance lead from the first lipo pack. What am I missing?

Also measuring both packs from the main pos/neg wires of them in series shows 1 as well on the multimeter instead of 37V which should be what my LiPo packs are at.

Check your multimeter settings, there should be a turning switch which you need to turn to switch the measuring voltage.Mine has increments of 2, 20 ,200, 300V. If you measure the voltage which is higher than the chosen voltage it will display an error. Also check out this video how to properly measure a balance connector. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSB3ES0ONb4


Omg so silly lol I had it set to 20V


@cryo No probs man, enjoy building your board :smiley: