10s pack with bms

looking for a mid sized 10s pack. something at least 10a but no more than 20 I’m thinking. (weight is the main concern in terms of the size). if its a square config, can not be taller than 1.5". A bms that has a wall adapter is necessary. not looking for any fancy power buttons or screens. I have a Bluetooth module so I can tell how full i am from my phone and a simple anti spark key works just fine. (if you wanna throw this in for free go ahead :slight_smile:

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I have a used 10s3p samsung 25r pack I will be swapping out next week. Could let it go for $100 plus shipping if you are in the U.S.


ohh hmm. does it have a bms or is it just a raw pack? also if u could dm me some pics? how many cycles do u have on it? thanks.

I could be interested.:slightly_smiling_face: Does it come with BMS? How old it is?

IMG_20180627_055308_667 Includes bms (under heat shrink), xt90 main, 5.5mm bullet charge leads, doesnt include vedder switch. Ships from seattle, not included in price

Oh ok I’m very interested. I’m in Portland so shipping shouldn’t be too bad

It is yours then @Vampiresquid64, as long as you are okay with me shipping it out next week as im away from home until monday. Last time i shipped a battery it was around $15 shipped domestic, so just paypal me at [email protected] $115 and message me your contact info and ill send it out asap :blush:

Hey! weren’t you the one asking about the Raptor 1 battery I had?

EDIT: Nevermind it was @Mobutusan

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@Dmaxx If that sale falls through, let me know. I may have a place for this.

Thanks for the ping @Mikenopolis :facepunch:

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Just a few final questions before I send u the cash. Is the bms set up for discharge also or does it bypass directly to the esc? Which bms is it? How many cycles are on the battery and bms? What do you use to charge it? Can I just get a wall adapter with the correct amperage and put on bullet connectors and let the bms do it’s thing? Is there an xt90 anti spark loop or would I add that in? Thanks.

You need a charger and matching female port with bullet leads, bms is charge and discharge max 60amps, and you can easily setup a loop key to use. I have a charger i can throw in for extra $20 if youd like and i can throw in a female charge port for you with bullets already connected

I think its a bestech, not sure as i didnt build this one so the amount of cycles is also a mystery. It charges to about 96 or 97% for actual voltage, thats why its a discount. Does 12 miles on a 8inch pnuematic scooter so probably 14 or 15 miles on esk8

How fast does the charger u have charge it?

Also when u say 8 inch scooter, u mean like 8 inch wheels?

Ok @Vampiresquid64 is aking to many questions… can I get in an steal the dang thing? :yum:

(c’mon mannnn, my finger is tickling…return key is waiting the hit)

Haha an impulse buyer with an internet connection and his money are soon parted💸

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Fr tho almost there. just wanting to double check things before I send off my money

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Don’t have second thoughts on me. I’ll be a killer if you doubt. :yum::rofl:

Haha back from my music festival, sorry to keep ya waiting. @Vampiresquid64, yes i meant wheels and do you want it? Cuz @pixelsilva seems to recognize the bargain here…:wink:

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Yes I for sure want it. Battery and bms as well as the charger and bullet leads. I’ll dm you the address to send it to and paypal u the money.

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