10S10P Battery help

My old build is here.

It was good for about 6 months but now it is just too slow and doesn’t have nearly enough range. To fix this I am going to get these batteries. Right now I am planing on having a 10s10p battery. The only problem is I don’t know how I would charge all of them at the same time. Can someone please help me with this? Thanks!

connect all of them in parallel. charge that way. you just need to splice the discharge leads into a charging port and your all set

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Are the discharge leads the black wires on the bms jst connector?

There’s 1 connector to use, the xt60, that is all

the discharge leads are the ones with the connector on them

would I just use a hobby charger with an xt-60 connector?

You can use any 42/36 lithium charger

I’m confused. So I would splice all of the Bms Leads?

No, don’t touch the BMS at all You’re dealing with 1 connector the xt60, forget the BMS exists

You just combine the xt60s that is IT

yea. what scepterr said.

I’m talking about the main thick wires that lead to the xt60. the same ones you would plug into the vesc

So just hook all of them in Parallel and charge through the xt-60 connectors by adding a charging port ?

Yes, it’s that simple

exactly 10chars

Lmao thanks guys I feel stupid now.

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just letting you know…

10s10p is gonna be heavy as FUCK. 10s6p is 7 pounds. my guess is that 10s10p will weigh around 13 pounds

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It’s all good, you got it now :wink:

I would deff suggest a 5A charger to charge 20Ah …that’ll take like 6hrs

he explained the exact same thing to me lol. took me a bit longer to comprehend though

Hooking these up is so simple it is facepalm worthy

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Yah I know its going to be heavy but I’m planning on buying 5 of them becuase I would rather have to much range than not enough because I am tired of my board dieing.


I set aside like 4 hours the day I got these to wire them. took about 30 minutes to get a completed pack lol