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10s1p LiPo safe to charge?

I have a 10s1p LiPo battery pack with BMS that have 2 cells “puffy” cells.

I’ve removed them from the series and found replacement cells matching voltage (3.6v) and discharge (I think).

Question: Should I connect them first (series and balance leads) and THEN charge the 10s together or charge the current 8 and then add on the 2 remaining?

The current 8 does not have any voltage, sitting on the shelf for about 6 weeks. The 2 new ones just arrived from AliExpress and have a 3.5v reading, which seems to be within range.


Don’t mix new cells and old cells - can be unpredictable in how the battery will act. I would recommend that if 2 of the cells are dangerous you should drop it to an 8s1p battery.

That thought came to me first to drop the 2 bad cells but I’ve gotten feedback that the ESC won’t run due to lower voltage.

The BMS has balance leads for 10 cells, what happens to the 2 unused leads — remove them altogether?