10S2P bms wiring help needed

Hi guys,

okay, so this is my first build and I was hoping somebody could help me wiring the balance cables to my BMS. I bought the following components:

4x Lipo battery’s from hobbyking (5s 4Ah) which i wired to 10S2P

1x 36V 10S BMS 80A

my problem I’m stuck with is wiring the balance cables to the bms. correct me if i’m wrong but what I thought is also wiring the balance cables parallel as show in the picture

I hope somebody can help me:).

Heres a link to battery knowledge enlightenment

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hey, Thanks for your reply. i’ve seen the topic before and have read it carefully but most of the topic is about series configured batteries, but i couldn’t find anything about how to link the balancing wires when you’re using a parallel configuration:(

Its no different just more cells on each balance wire

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so what i’ve drawn should work?

Lol honestly that diagram gives me a headache, I cant look at it. Maybe somebody else can confirm if its correct

haha, srry electrical diagrams really isn’t my thing xD

The P count is not relevant, however you would connect 10S1P, its the same for 2p,3p,4p etc

okay, thank you, and can the 20awg wires also handle the current or do i need thicker wires?

Balance current is very low, 20awg is fine

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Many thanks for helping me out here!

Your diagram is too incomplete to tell if it’s right or wrong. And by putting batteries in series first and then in parallel, your making it much easier to have a mistake. Put your batteries in parallel first and then connect the parallel groups in series.


hey thanks guys for the replies, but a friend of mine already helped me out.

the board is working :slight_smile:

Hi, how’d you end up wiring the four packs together? Could you please put a diagram?