10s2p help! How to connect series connections

Guys… I’ve spent months reading on here and made the plunge and bought some batteries (from IMR- super cool) and need assistance.

I have a modded boosted v1. It was running some 10s2p configuration where each pack was arranged (plus/minus/plus/minus/plus/minus/plus/minus/plus/minus) and then connected in series via copper wire, and paralleled together via 10g wire.

The packs are somewhat old and i wanted to get some additional Range.

Now… I’m new to battery making and opted to pick up a spot welder. But, from what I gather from endless reading, a nickel strip of 0.15mm connecting my setup in series is going to be extremely inefficient for the power of the 30q cels. Is this true? If so… why do so mang people do it here?

Should I connect them via Copper? If so… solder? Please be easy on me… I’ve spent countless hours reading and really want to do this the right way.

Hey wait! It’s supoosed to show alternating plus/minus/plus/minus etc. don’t know why that didn’t come across correctly. Thanks again everyone

you can edit your post with the little pencil that appears when you hover over it. Please correct it so we can help you properly

Just Solder a piece of 12ga wire across each series connection and call it a day…

Thank you. I did correct it :slight_smile:

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Regardless how wide and thick your nickel is you must take into consideration the number of strips per series. For just 2p 2 strips is inefficient. You can add several layers or use copper braids or wires to do it. Solder between cells to prevent damage. 2p with 30q will not be powerful. I suggest Sony vtc6 for 2p or just make It 3-4p.