10s2p LiPo pack with five 4s1p packs?

Currently in my setup I have an 8s1p lipo battery pack made of two 4s lipo packs. I have made two of these batteries, and realized I could easily buy another of the 4s batteries and make a 10s2p lipo build. However, before doing this I have a few questions.

My plan was to do something like this with the last battery…

…and wire two of the cells to each of the 8s battery packs I already have. Wire the two new 10s packs in parallel, then hook everything up to a BMS for charging.

I understand BesTech makes the best BMS’s, but for some reason I am having a hard time finding where to buy them. So here are my questions:

-Is BMS even the best option for charging here? I would prefer not to buy a whole new charger t accommodate a 10s battery. -Where do I buy a suitable BMS for this? Is BesTech really the best for this purpose? -Has anyone else done this yet? I have seen @Namasaki do a 10s1p version. But has anyone done a 10s2p? -Should I even disassemble the the 5th pack? Is there a better way to wire it without taking it all apart?

For using only one BMS you would have to wire one large 10s2p battery pack. Otherwise you would need two BMS one per 10s1p.

Other option is wire the 4s2p in series with the other packs ( additional series connector) but that will give you three batteries to charge.

Bestech BMS are done with a group buy usually because minimum purchase is 2 from their company. They do not have a click here to buy for BMS on their website.

For the record, my post was a terrible idea.

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