10s2p Samsung 30Q battery $140 SOLD

Ownboard Samsung 10s2p 30Q 6.0Ah battery. Asking for $140 shipped. Has about 20 charge cycles on it, always kept between 90% and 15% Comes with charger as well. Photos down below. Would be a perfect upgrade for your standard Meepo/Wowgo/Ownboard/DIYeboard kit batteries. Located in West Lafayette, IN.


Can you put pictures please

It’s in my board at the moment, but I will put pictures up once I get a chance to work on the board. Its sticker got peeled off because of the sticky foam that Ownboard uses to seal their enclosures but I’ll post photos of my receipt.

Receipt doesnt really tell us what we want to know. We want to know the quality of the battery, wiring, connectors, wrap,… Plus not to mention, picture are required on all sale threads.


I understand, it’s finals season so I’m in over my head, but I’ll post photos asap.


135$ shipped ? I suppose UE too as you didn’t specify :slight_smile:

US only haha

IMG_20181209_122803 IMG_20181209_122821 IMG_20181209_122845 IMG_20181209_122915 battery%20screen

Photos along with receipt from Ownboard website since the sticker peeled off from the sticky foam they use on their boards. As you can see battery is clean and undamaged, I can remove the sticker gunk before shipping.

ill buy it if still available

Sold a while ago