10s3p 25r Pack $120 [US] [SOLD]

it’s got less than 50 miles on it, originally from an @JLabs GB a year or so ago

i suspect it has a dead cell in the first p group. the voltages are as follows

newly rebuilt by @barajabali, just got a brand new bms too. can include charger for extra $30.


Shit this is so tempting. But I’m out of money :joy:

extremely tempting this is going to sell real fast

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I also do love my 12s speed :stuck_out_tongue:

i could give a buddy deal :wink: it’d also give you an excuse to get your ass down here

no you perverts, not that kind of deal


So… Is it $120 shipped? And… did my guy @barajabali just rebuild it? Is there still a dead p group? If so, I want it.

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$125 shipped in the US. It was JUST rebuilt by bara a week or 2 ago, i haven’t been able to ride it since. and yea, i’m pretty sure it’s a dead cell in the first P group. it’s yours, just say the word

I just rebuilt it so it wouldn’t short or anything. Electronics were installed by Greco

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all I did was move the bms wires to a new bms lol

Double stacks won’t give me enough clearance on my sportster anyway :frowning:

I’ll take the second buddy deal thoiugh :wink:


it’s a flatpack?

Oh shit it Is, the reflection on the table was messing with me.

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lol. yea. if you come pick it up i’ll give you $10 off

Bruh ima need a $100 off if I’m gonna get it lol. Literally just ordered a cr10

where the hell do you get all this money :rofl:

alright @SeanHacker, you’re up. want it or no?

I’m asian. CNY is our main source of incomr


and your parents just hand you money?

The money for my board came from a part time coaching job I had for a year and a half. The money for the 3d printer came from the leftovers of what I was willing to spend, but mostly money you get from your entire extended family for chinese new year :slight_smile:

Edit: The pass came from my parents, they thought they would atleast contribute to my safety and well being LOL


god I wish i could find a job…

it’s crazy hard getting hired when you’re 14

family hooks it up fat huh XD