10s3p any good $168

http://www.diyeboard.com/10s3p-samsung-lg-18650-lithium-battery-pack-p-631.html. Has anyone tried this battery and know if it is any good.

They’re using 22p cells if I remember correctly which is not enough this pack is going to sag a lot you definitely need 30Q cells for 10s3p

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Ok thanks that explains why it is so cheap

if you look at shipping+time the price is acutally not that great compared to other eSkate vendors and those ppl often use a BMS without bypass and quality cells ect…long story short you get much more for the money.

True I am probably gonna buy one from meb

can you link, dunno what meb is

as i understand it he sells them without bms

I bought this pack and regret it I would only recommend it if you are a light rider who doesn’t ride in a hilly area otherwise you will be disappointed

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Yes but a BMS cost $50 and it comes with a charge port and a on and off switch.

I have to disagree I bought one and it is very powerful

Im running mine with dual jacob hubs and even going up small hills the voltage sag is so bad it trips the cutoff of 3.1v even if the pack is close to fully charged

I think you might have a bad pack.

its possible what setup are you running?

Single drive 192kv turigy SK3 6473

Can you post your vesc setup? Maybe some connections came loose. Does meb build their own packs or do they buy build packs?