10s3p or 6s5p...what's better?

Hey guys. Trying to decide which Li-ion configuration to go with. 10s3p or 6s5p? What would the performance differences be? Which setup would help get the most out of what I plan to build? Dual non-hub motors, 80-90mm wheels, Dual Vescs, Would like 20+ mph, and as much range as possible. Limited to one of those two battery choices do to physical size.

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10s is more efficient, go for that with 190kv motor and 15/36 gear ratio. That’s a common standard, possibly get samsung 30Q. It would give you about 30km of range

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Ok great. I was leaning towards the 10s. What is the difference between Samsung 25R and 30Q? I won’t be building my own pack, so I am kind of limited to what I can find pre assembled. Chi Boards sells a 10s3p 37v 7.5 AH Samsung 25R with BMS. How does that sound?

That sounds good, but 30Qs are slightly better and have more capacity. They are rated for lower current, but people tested them and the community is leaning towards those instead of the 25rs (still good, I have a 10s3p pack myself). Up to you, with 30Qs you have more range and less sag though

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Know any place I could check out/buy a 10s3p 30Q pack with BMS?

Where are you from?

New York City

if you are using VESC’s DRV cookers, then you might as well go 10S. you paid the big bux for a high voltage ESC you’d wanna use it.


DRV cookers?

A lot of people have troubles with the DRV chip, he is just joking

@lowGuido lol very comforting. I actually haven’t bought anything yet. Should I be looking at a different controller?

Nope, Vesc was made specifically for Esk8s, it is a Dream if you buy from the right person

No, it’s still the best but you need to take care of it. 10s won’t stress it too much, keep it cool and set the right parameters and it should be good

the DRV cookers are a good ESC we just arent allowed to call them VESC anymore because someone trademarked the name.

sorry for the offtopic… 10s3p it’s ok for running in FOC with maytech VESC?

Foc and maytech vesc together aren’t good.

Suggestions for pre made 10s3p li-ion packs with built in BMS?

We can still call them VESC, you just can’t sell them as such. I’m always gonna call it the VESC.

Check out the enertion space cell 3, they were on sale but not sure if the still are.

Pretty sure they’re discontinued which was the reason for the fire sale. More of a warehouse clearance.