10s3p Samsung 25r: BMS limiting to 30A

I ordered a 10s3p pack of Samsung 25r cells. Theoretically, the pack is going to be capable of 60A output, however the pack has a limiting BMS which limits output to 30A continuous and 90A peak. The peak is fine for now but is there any way to alter the BMS to push that continuous output to about 50A? Or would I need to purchase a new BMS and replace it?

EDIT: is it possible to completely bypass the BMS for discharge and keep it for charing only?


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25r while being a good reliable battery is prone to sag if you run it at max discharge. You get the amps but the life cycle depletes pretty quickly across the discharge cycle.
Yes you can bypass the bms for charge only and there are a multitude of threads covering this as well as some beautiful diagrams

Get searching my friend and good luck.


thanks man, appreciate the reply!

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