10s4p 10ah with 80amp continuous BMS for sale 2 pieces. $400usd

This is a 10s4p custom skateboard battery with a 80 amp BMS for a professional custom electric skateboard, Used also in the Evolve Carbon GT. Max charge current 10 amp Max discharge 100 amp 480MM x137MM x22MM Built with 40 Samsung 25r cells. Push button battery meter. For a custom build just install a anti spark power switch

80 amp BMS will assure you to never experience a lag,sag or cutoffs. Just need to make sure all parameters with your ESC and motor are correct.

Perfect for Evolve boards to increase speed, range, and acceleration immensely. All you need is a anti spark power switch and fuse.

Message with questions totally accepted.

Little about me. I am a hobbyist for fun. Mechanic and electrician for trade. Most of what I sell are items I want for myself so I buy multiple to share with the community. <img src=“https://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/original/3X/5/b/5b9b4848bda8fd937cb7037d9435610f9d06049e.png” width=“375” he



Price? 10 char

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$400usd free shipping is USA

Looks like an awesome battery for a custom build… but how do you charge it?

it has the charging lead and connector already installed. I thought I provided the picture. its wrapped in plastic

Am I the only one that thinks 400 bucks is kind if pricey for a 25R pack?


I had thought it but didn’t want to ruffle feathers. There was just a group Buy for 30q that came out to be 3.50 a cell

Anyone’s thoughts or questions are welcome. I never promote or sell something I haven’t tried and tested.

For all, mention a fair price.

I just bought the exact pack off another member for 320.