10s4p 18650 build using vape sleds


i’m typing this sentence to make my post longer.

HAHA!! Well said, sir!

You made it into the history books of the esk8 forums brother. You are a legend in these parts now lololol

to answer @Michaelinvegas i was gonna get one from bestbox2014 on ebay but that could change from now and then.

as for the pack i rode today made its 1km before my belt broke and no cells popped out then another 2k kicking and still no cells popped out.

just think about it like a toy or a remote that uses AA batteries as long as there is a lid or something holding the cells in place its fine.

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I was thinking it would be fine…we ain’t dropping our boards on purpose or letting our boards hit the curb which would be really the only reasons batteries would fall out of a sled… I really like the sled idea…I mean why else would they make them like AA batteries …if they really meant them to be bundle as everyone does…they would of made the darnn things square…even oval to be able to pack them together…lol (not really)…I like the idea of easy fix or easy replacement…even of its at the cost of a little weight and size…

update now that i have some good ride time in

24Km on base roads (we dont repave roads we have PATs fill them in with asphalt) no cells popped and good balance between groups. so lets talk about the balance of the cells, its pretty fucking good i tell you hwhat.

the cells bounce between 3.73V and 3.76V thats a difference of 30mV thats daum good but, i have two at 3.96 meaning they didnt discharge and the 6 cells that are grouped with them at 3,68v so yeah i have a few broken joints to fix.

so yeah this works and it works good

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if anyone wants to do this im in talks with brimstone about either making 2 5s4p sleds or just 10 4p sleds

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I’m doing another version of this soon. You inspired me… I’ll be using these sleds http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en?mpart=1108&v=36 along with 24 A123 26650 Cells In a 12s2p configuration. Just waiting on my BMS and Charger from SuPowerBattery.

Good stuff bro glad to see everything is solid …

so this is what brimstone can do, if anyone wants we could do a group buy.

Nice!! Glad that is working out.

Keeps us in the loop hammer :facepunch:t2:

wow cant believe i made my last post but forgot the pic

this is what they can make me with their printer, its not as many cell as i want but it will cut me down to 5 pieces instead of 20.

if anyone wants any for their own pack i could talk with the guy.

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3D printing is expensive for big pieces. I have a sled for 24 cells that I put together out of 3D prints and then made a mold and now I can pour whatever resin. If any of u want one pm me and I’ll pour u one for the cost of the rubber. Maybe 20$ for 90 duro rubber or I could do a hard plastic. It adds compression and also flexes a bit with the board. I’ll post up a pic later today.

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That’s great bro

Twenty stupid characters :neutral_face:

<img src="https://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/original/2X/5/595d8dffc799e13c652e6ac861fb9909c5416eb4.jpeg" width="666" height="500">

I’ve made a bunch out of differnet materials. I need two but can’t decide which would be best to use. I plan to make all the connections with just the copper pressed and then sink the cells in probably a clear rubber. It’ll end up a long solid brick with two wires coming out.


so fuck ton of ride time now.

pack still works and works great for the most part.

the problems i have had though include -lots of rattle from the case at speed on 83mm wheels, fixed by going back to 90mm. -my solder joints sucked at first so i have to check cell voltage in trouble spots so i dont run them in to thermal runaway.

but the pros outweigh the cons -bad cells can be removed and replaced in 60 seconds if i have a replacement. -due to the current rating of the the contacts if i over draw (I.E short) it will blow like a fuse and save a cell or two. -fault finding is a lot cheaper since i dont need to slice open a heatsrink wrapper. -it offers the safest most balanced charge possible because i take each cell out one by one and charge it on my 4 bay and 6 bay charger.

like this set up is great and offers so much there are improvement i can make and will make on my new build but for now its perfect.


How much would he charge for 6 packs of those? I’m wanting to build atleast a 20aH 6s out of 18650s

@delta_19 NIce work, dude!! I don’t suppose there are any pics floating around? I’m glad this works out! It really makes the concept of DIY battery maintenance super user friendly.

for my custom sleds (4 2s4p and 2 4p) it cost $68 usd in total but, the 4p sleds where 6.50 each and 8 cell bays where 13 each.

@Ulfberht there are some pics in the thread but i can take more