10s4p 30q with BMS - Kevin Dark battery for sale - NEW


I am based in Australia and unbeknownst to me it is very difficult to ship a battery pack like we use in our boards internationally. I feel like an idiot for not considering this before going ahead with a battery build from a member who is overseas.

So the situation I find myself in is quite a chunk of change out of pocket and no battery in sight to finish my build.

It is a 10s4p 30q pack with the BMS in front, measures 440x140x20. Discharge is bypassed and its 16a input.

It is currently with Kevin in the UK.

If there is any interest in buying the pack please PM me, I obviously don’t want to lose any money but in the interest of a quick transaction so I can buy local or build one to finish my board I will offer a small discount on what I paid.

Looking for 330 GBP shipped. Let me know asap as Kevin is currently looking for another courier but I have not heard back for a few days so he might not be having much luck.

You can verify all of this with Kevin (he is listed as a trusted seller on the forum) prior to transferring any funds. I will talk to him and if there are any concerns you could pay through him as I am a new forum member I understand it could look suspicious etc.




Pic’s?!?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ask @darkkevind for pics?

Yeah for some reason I just can’t get this one out of the country! After a couple of attempts, despite having sent well over 10 packs to Aus before, they’re just being really stringent at customs…

So, apologies to @moadymoad I’ve refunded him in full now so if anyone in the EU would like this pack, you will deal direct with me and it’s going to be £315 plus anywhere between £15-£18 shipping, fully tracked :+1:

Edit: Also comes with a voltage meter


@darkkevind thanks mate, I appreciate the refund and I’m sorry about this and that it has cost you money.

noone wins here other than whoever scores this battery…

The pack is flexible as well, really disappointed we can’t get it here!


Is the issue just getting it from GB to AUS? if it can be shipped to the US i’d probably buy it… I imagine the problem is with shipping internationally at all though, which is a bummer.

How did you manage to squeeze 10 huge batteries through customs? The first and only time I tried to send a battery overseas UPS caught it with the xray scan and I had to pay quite some monies to get it back. But if you think these packs get shipped in passenger planes, this restriction kinda makes sense…

I think it might be more than 10 actually :thinking: individually not all in one parcel, and then there’s all the packs I’ve sent to the states too, Singapore, all around the EU…

Yeah I get the whole “safety” aspect of shipping these in a plane… But I pack them VERY well with what I consider, absolutely no chance of shorting out catching fire or anything…


Actually I’ve not had a problem getting packs to the states so far… Just Australia.

We are a nanny state…

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I might be interested for my gtx , @darkkevind do you think it will fit the GTX case leaving space for focboxes ?

Hi @ElskerShadow yeah I think it should fit… You might need to cut that little tab of plastic off down the end furthest from the heat sink to make more room for the pack, but I think it should fit…

Have a measure, the pack is around 440/450mm

Shipping on a plane without un38.3 certification is super illegal. How do you get around that?

I’ve shipped via sea cargo before.


Yeah it will not fit i think… the absolute max with original evolve case seems to be 400 mm I tought 10S4P was doable with evolve’s

Nope, I have a 10s3p in there with 2 FOCBOX’S and thats about the limit!

You could however fit a 10s4p there without a BMS.

It definitely fits but you need to stack BMS on top of ESC, which is why I offer a rubber gasket kit to my BGT customers that raises the enclosure by 6mm…

Over 30 satisfied BGT owners with 10s4p so far… :wink:

The CarbonGT should fit 50 cells, 40 with a BMS.

How much lenght with bms on top ? Do you have pictures with the gasket ?

Actualy I just bought gtx deck trucks and enclosure to make a super powerful machine inside evolve GTX body that I find super sleek