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10s4p 6x2" Pneumatic with Twin G160/Twin VESC

This isn’t a new build, but it is a major update in parts. Started as an 8s single. Here’s goes:

Bottlenose Double drop/Drop thru Deck

Randall Clone 195 trucks

Psychotiller Motor mounts

Turnigy G160 Motors @245kv

2 VESC’s -

Custom Aluminum Pneumatic Wheels
Matco 2x6 tires

10s4p Li-ion Pack

Psychotiller Split Symetrical Enclosure

15/42 pulleys with 9mm belts and

Wii Chuck

In true fashion, I’m mounting my 63mm motors Dual rear with Motor mounts reversed toward the pivot.
I’m using a drop down/drop through deck and mounting the trucks drop through.
I’m stealing some LHB tech and routing the motor wires through the deck.

This is where I’m at right now…Still waiting on the VESC’s And then I’ll need to figure out how to set those up.

Pictures will happen soon!

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COOL>>> pics please :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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yeah. Pics or it didn’t happen.

Also, props for using that west coast gear from Psychotiller. That is some quality merch.

That’s what Snoop says too haha!

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what’s the major difference between a turnigy g160 and the sk3 series?

They seem to be around the same price, both have 8mm shafts, 63mm diameter, etc. I’m guessing one is for heli’s (g160), and one is for airplanes (sk3), but how would that change the actual motor…

haha no worries if you don’t know!

The g160 has 3 16mm bearings inside it. The sk3 has a skirt bearing and a 16 mm bearing. Also, the g160 is smaller in length allowing dual rear setups with true 63mm rotors (more torque) in 195mm trucks.

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I know the deck’s looking a little beat, but forgive me for now…This is basically just a mock up. I epoxied the clamps onto the randall hanger until I get my randle clamps made. I’m going to buy a new deck this week too. Now that I have a better idea of how I’m laying out the wiring through the deck this is going to be a fun build!


Nice, how did you run the wires into deck? LHB methods catching on!

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I had some heavy gauge coated copper wire that I ran through some dremeled channels. Then I epoxied over that. The new deck will get the same treatment, but the channels will be a little deeper and a whole lot cleaner. :laughing:

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maybe one day i’ll be a verb like Xerox lol


that board is sick and looks like it would climb a tree to pounce down on some little boosted and eat it for a mid morning brunch with a mimosa.


Love the build Psychotiller! FYI if anyone is interested Psychotiller makes some awesome abs enclosures, I just picked up a few for some builds I’m working on and I am stoked to say the least! Thanks again you saved me the hassle of forming my own, why would you need to when the designs and price are right coming from your own community members!

Thanks! I definitely appreciate the support

The deck still looks good from the pictures. Why not just peel the grip and refinish it?

I bought some fabric last night! That’s the next phase lol

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So, I ended up with the day off today. Decided to work on the board. WOW!!! messing around with the BLDC tool and whether or not to use the canbus, It came to life! Grrrrroooowwwlllll!!! @10s this board is going to be a monster.
Big thanks go out to @SubCreative ! This 10s4p battery is Top Shelf.

And … controller
The amount of time @chaka spent coaching through set up he may as well just moved into my shop for a few days! Solid VESC’s

…Now for knee surgery haha

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Is rhat guy based in the u.s.? Can you fet a bms and power switch with it like spacecell? Website?

Yes he’s in the U.S. You can get a bms. I got mine with balance leads and an xt60 plug. But he did also include an extra charge port for me to use a computer similar smart charger. Not sure on the powerswitch. Shoot Sub a PM from his link.

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Looks real similar to what I am looking to set up for a commuter board to tackle NYC potholes. @psychotiller how much clearance you have under the enclosure? How much flex that deck have? (if any) Got a total weight on that set up?

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I have a ton of clearance under my enclosure. almost 2 1/4 inches. Weight is around 21 lbs with the 10s4p.
Not much flex at all. I’ve never really liked flexy decks.