10s4p samsung 25r battery pack build

Somebody on instagram requested I do a photo tutorial on building battery packs using chakas cell-level fusing method and his cell holders. So here are those pics whoever on here is also on my instagram followers!!! 20180719_20043920180722_18035420180722_18040820180722_18093620180723_15301420180723_16073020180723_16080620180723_16132520180723_16165020180723_16165520180723_16202420180723_16330420180723_16413720180723_18374020180723_19484320180723_19580220180723_20022220180723_20151120180723_20152420180724_13570720180724_13574320180724_14302420180724_14413320180724_14595820180724_15001020180724_16134720180724_16135520180724_19334020180724_19492020180725_17013520180725_17052620180725_194805


A few notes: -charge only bms from mboards.com -be sure to cover exposed connectors to avoid shorts as well as the bus wire ends. I made the mistake of letting positive charge bullet tip touch the bms and had a light show lol20180725_194752 Luckily no damage to pack and new bms was only $25. Good luck


Do the +&- bullet connectors go to the power switch?

No, those are the charging leads and would connect to the charge port of your choice :wink:

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