10s4p Samsung 30Q Battery pack $350 AUD

10s4p samsung 30Q battery pack -20 Cycles on the battery

  • Battery is 2 months old and in good condition, all cell are balanced prefectly

Message for more details

Sincerly Jarod 20180708_171420 20180708_171408

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dooooooooooooooddd :flushed:

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Would this fit an evolve bamboo. Is it the right connector?

It won’t fit inside as it is, no. I believe it’s too wide, and possibly too long if you’re using the evolve BMS.

From what I’ve read, the sides would be almost good but I’d have to route about 2 mm and more for the BMS, my main question is the connection to the stock evolve BMS.

The picture indicates no such connectors presently attached, but Jarod might be able to solder them on for you. See what he says :slight_smile:

If Jarod could solder the connector on there, I’d definitely be interested! Also located in Canada. Not sure if that’s a problem & if anyone know where I could get a similar pack for a similar price with the 11pin connector…that would be great :smiley:

I believe Australian laws regarding shipping of large batteries internationally is fairly strict and expensive. You might be better off purchasing from someone in US or EU. Jarod might be able to shed some light on that for you, though.

The pack had evolve bms connectors on it, but has since sold sorry