10s5p 11AH 50A incl. charger EU/Germany - SOLD!

Li-Ion pack including bms & charger for sale. Charged 6 times.

Switching to a 12s Lipo pack, thus I no longer need it.

Asking 140€ excl. shipping

These fit the enclosure sold by diyeboard.com

Price drop to 100. You won’t find it cheaper elsewhere.

Pack has enough power for hill climbing. Picture below is taken at a height difference of 500 meter.

Personally wanted a bit more power though.

How much do you think the shipping would be to Cali?

I will ask on Monday and will report back. Never shipped anything overseas.

Hi im interested What are the dimensions of the pack?

The pack is L17.5xW13.3xH5.5 .

No integrated switch/anti-spark.

Pack is still available. If nobody has interest it will be sold through Ebay in a few hours.

Which cells?

It was sold as being LG MF1, would have to remove shrinkwrap to verify though. At 10S5P, 50A max. Max distance offroad I have travelled is 18km with voltage resting at 35.8. Setup, 2x 6374 149KV SK3 + dual VESC.

Please note, EU only due to shipping cost.

Bummer, I am from India

I am interested, from Germany.

Sent you a PM.

Sold. No longer available.