10S5P Battery& ESC & Dual Motor Belt Drive from diyeboard.com with loaded vanguard flex 1

Hello everyone! This is my first electric board build ever and I have a couple of questions and hopefully someone here can help me.

As mentioned I purchased the 10S5P kit from diyeboard.com and I am very excited to build this. My question is if I can use the orangatang kegel wheels with this kit? I know it’s not possible by default but what if I purchase the kegel drive pulleys from torque boards?

I’ve read everything I can read and I have watched every YouTube video out there on this kit but could not find an answer and I contacted torque boards and they said yes but Jason from diyeboard said no. So can someone please help me out? Thank you!

I’ll update this post once I receive everything and start building the board. The current status is that my order is on hold because I requested the latest version of everything they had and Mr. Jason said we’ll get a new shipment in 10 days and if I wait then they’ll ship me the new stuff. I asked what’s updated but he hadn’t much information. I’ll update this post

UPDATE 02.07

Woke up to a PayPal refund mail. Apparently diyeboard.com have refunded my order and they didn’t even leave a note on why they did so. Live chat on their website is disabled and so far no answer back from Jason. Very frustrating as I really was looking forward to finally own and build my first electric board. I’ll update the respons from diyeboard.com

update 02.07

Jason from diyeboard replied and said the reason for the refund was that they could not ship the battery to Norway due to customs. Placed the order again but this time to a adress in Sweden. Jason also informed that the kit is upgraded. He said trucks and ESC is improved. I’ll get back when I have more info

**edit July 9th **

Package shipped and Mr. Jason said they shipped the package with a extra set of belts and bearings

Update August 15th

It’s been more than 35 days since Mr. Jason said that the package is shipped and still not a single update from UPS. I called ups customer service and they said they haven’t received a package, just the label has been created. Mr Jason says that the package has been shipped but it’s been delayed at the German custom clearance. The package is expected to be shipped to Sweden. So shipping, handling and shipping time is ridiculous. But diyeboard.com customer service has been a great. Summer is almost over and I went from excited to careless. I’ll keep updating this thread



you could need a new belt since the number of teeth is different. Dunno how the esc handles different gear ratio and wheel sizes.

Thank you for the reply. I’ll try to read about the different belts

I upgraded my diyeboard 10s5p belt drive kit from 83mm to 97mm flywheel clones (with thin core). No modification was required. I didn’t test it yet as i am waiting for my new esc and battery enclosures. I really would like to know if it will work ok with kegels pulleys and wheels. Please keep us informed once you tried!

I’ll keep this post updated! Thanks for the reply

What cells do they use in their packs?

well as long as you dont change the ratio of the gearing, then ofc you don’t need to change the belt. You could run into a problem when changing wheels is the position of the wheel pulley. I am right in that the mounts are fixed or can you choose the position? Because if not, then the pulley position is very important.

they use meh ones., samsung/lg dunno what modell number but they have 10A max…i dont know for the life of me why people buy that…scam imo.

This is my first attempt at this so I was like why not. It is a semi complete kit and I’ll post pictures and updates as start on the project.

It might suck spec wise but for the price it runs great.i weigh 85kg and big hills are not a problem at all , going from 0 to 43km (26mph) goes way faster compared to my gen 2 Kooboard . I broke my diyeboard esc and iam currently using the diyeboard 10s5p battery on my Kooboard. It works great and except for the better range ( 28km in high speed mode) nothing changes performance wise. Of course it can not be compared to a dual 6374 build with dual vesc but i can assure you that it has plenty of torque , no noticeable sag and plenty of speed.

Before buying the kegel wheel pulleys make sure that the kit uses a HTD5 belt and pulley or else you will need new pulleys and belts.

Thank you so much for the review! I’m really excited and I’ll try to build it so it looks pro. Ordered a customized griptape and kegel wheels but do you know if they will fit?

It says so on diyeboard.com but Jason from the company said no that’s it’s not possible to use kegels but I want it to work anyways, that’s why I’m trying to read as much as possible before I get the kit in the mail

Well obviously they probably don’t want you to use kegels but I don’t really see why it won’t work, as long as the two pitches are the same and the wheels can still fit onto the truck, it will work. I’ve even seen mbs wheels on there before

I am not sure about the kegels but it should work with the right pulleys . Is there a reason why you prefer to use kegels instead of abec flywheels ? Flywheels with thin cores will fit without any issue . You might need to sand the motor covers in case you want to fit 97mm’s or bigger but if you intend to use 83 or 90mm’s no changes to the gearing or any other changes are required.

It’s just that I already bought the kegels and I think it’s too late to replace them. I ordered them from Amazon to my hotel in New York. And the second reason is that they look really good. It’s not of a big deal but would love to use them

That’s what I’m thinking. I think I have to just wait until the kit arrives so I can test it myself

It seems kegels on the diyeboard kits is possible , i found a post on reddit the guy (Pbj90) uses diyelectricskateboard torque pulleys for his kegels.

Thank you so much! I’ll see if I can find the thread

ok let me put it that way. This battery will work if you are not too heavy,hot climate and the terrain is not too hilly. This battery will probably get quite hot if you use it too hard. I don’t even think the price is that great, but if you are not heavy or your area is quite flat, go for it.