10s5p or 12s4p help me decide

I would like someone to define how a battery is optimized and specifically how a 10s is more optimized than a 12s? What am.i missing here?

It’s the Vesc which has a max voltage of 60v, 12s(50.4 when full) is on the edge of safety. 10s (42v full) is just the optimal range for Vesc’s voltage rating and speed. Any ‘s’ by themselves is not applicable to opitmizatoin. I read this somewhere on the forum, can’t remember exactly.

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12s is kinda pushing the limits on a lot of the components on the vesc, most of the limits are 60v. you gotta leave a lot of head room, these components just about are as touchy as teenage girls

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I’m digging that, I just don’t know how you optimize battery…

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yea not sure how a battery becomes “optimized” either

the buttboarder knows all tho.

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The battery itself is not optimized, but rather the vesc’s performance is optimized at 10s.

it’s that word “optimized” that is untrue. 10s is a sweet spot, the vesc isn’t “optimized” for any voltage.

Fyi, the reason 12s is risky is because if the ERPM limit and the most commonly used motors, eg. 190kv will go above 60k ERPM and burn up the DVR.

If you can manage the ERPM limit with lower kv.motors 12s is fine.

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woooaahhhh your board has a dvr? :dizzy_face:

where can I pick one of those up?

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optimized means “make the best or most effective use of,” sweet spot means “the point or area on a bat, club, or racket at which it makes most effective contact with the ball” so saying sweet spot on a Vesc makes less sense.

did you really just go look up definitions of these?

you take yourself too seriously :rofl:

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Redo your calculation; @the same power you need less amps if your voltage is higher.

Since Joule’effect (power dissipated into heat) is a function of the amps and not the voltage, higher voltage lets you squeeze more power thought the conductor with less thermal losses. So in general 12s is better.

But 50 cells (10s5p) have more energy than 48 (12s4p) and most likely the energy lost with lower voltage is well compensated by the 2 extra cells. So I’d say the 2 batteries are pretty much the same.

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nah dude, those .08 amps is really a lot


Dude, your terminology is incorrect therefore your premise is unclear. I’m not having a dig at you but you need to learn more and get comfortable with math in use with the VESC, series voltage and erpm, etc. before offering advice.

Specifically offering advice to @Hummie, who has built a couple hundred boards, runs an esk8 company and manufacturers arguably the best hub motors available.


Don’t be a smart ass to your elders :grinning:


What term did I use wrong?

also the vesc doesn’t “make the best of most efficient use of” 10s…

your efficiency can be the same or greater with 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, 11s, or 12s

10s is generally just a good balance of torque and speed for most people.

Optimized…and you clear lack of understanding of why voltage is important when applied to the VESC.

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I read this somewhere else on this forum so…

do you seriously trust everything you read on the internet?