10s5p pack with battery sleds!?

So im thinking about building a 10s5p 18650 pack with 25 battery sleds. I made a schematic in paint and want you guys to tell me if its wierd right or wrong. Thanks.

https://gyazo.com/539fc87eb35a05f64786850ebd405833 https://gyazo.com/d4179e7b045d56ce99877ed60efc00eb

Why would you use sleds?

I dont want to solder directly on the batterys and if a cell goes bad I can easely change it :slight_smile:

Sleds make for a poor connection and can’t handle the current we use in esk8 without reinforcement

I’ve done it and it works BUT if you see any way to get it spot weldet by someone then you should go for it and invest some money to get a proper weldet pack.

If you have really no other options take my advice. -don’t place the sleds upside down in your esk8 -after you’ve placed your battieres onto your sleds, wrap it up somehow using tape or shrinking tube. -try to not put your batteries out of your sledge to often as it can damage them if you are no carefully enough.

As i said it does work and a lot of stuff ppl. Say about using is not true but it’s definitly not the best way to build a pack. I don’t understand your wiring diagram so i cant say something about that.

Here is my building thread using sleds, maybe it can help you.

I have a high current low voltage transformer laying around, Im gonna try build a spot welder with it. :slight_smile:

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Its from a microwave oven and it puts out 2v and enough current to melt metal :stuck_out_tongue: