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10s5p Samsung 35E

Can anyone link me to a 10s5p 35E battery pack that is a flat pack? I keep finding the ones for bikes and my skateboard build uses 10s5p 35E battery pack AT hub motors. I was planning to connect two of them in a parallel so I can get a 10s10p battery for a much longer drive.

I was planning to make one, however, I don’t have space for a workspace at my place. Thanks in advance.

Where are you located? If your in the EU i could build one for you :slight_smile:


@Acido is an amzing battery builder with unbeatable prices, i highly recommend him :100: :ok_hand:


NYC. If possible, can you let me know what would be your price on a 10s5p 35E battery pack?

It’s not possible for us to ship packs frok EU to USA. You have @M.Hboards, @thisguyhere, @Skyart15 and many other great battery builders there.

Thisguyhere is pretty expensive tbh. 700 for it when the battery itself won’t cost me over $200. But thanks for the info.

Hit this guy up, he might be able to get you 35Es and puts together a 10S5P 30Q pack for a little over $400.

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Now that’s a good price deal. I got my solution, cheers!