10S6P or 12S5P?!

Currently I have a single 6355 190kv on 10S3P and I love it, it has great range I can get about 15 miles range and a top speed of 25/26MPH in San Francisco! But as I work on my next build I want to quit worrying about range but I don’t want to sacrifice any speed.

My new build is going to have dual 6374 190kv.

Hypothetical, my novice self thinks, with 10S6P (double my current setup) I should get twice the range and the same speed but the difference is the extra motor. How does that extra motor play in?

What do y’all think? Where am I going wrong in my assumptions?

THe second motor would slightly increase the energy consumption, almost unnoticable…I would go for 10S6P, because with 12s and 190kv motor you would be really close to a max ERPM limit of the VESC, you might even exceed it which is not a good idea…the motors does usually ave lower kv rating than advertised, but I wouldnt risk a destroyed VESC…

Dual motors use almost the same amount of power. They share the power and the load, causing less heat to build up. They generally give more torque, great for sf

Yeah dual 6374 u won’t be short on power.:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Anyone know of an enclosure for such a battery??


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