10s8p to 10s16p Problems?

Anyone see issues going from 8p to 16p. I want range! Lots and lots of range. 8p gets me all the power i need, just not far enough.

If you use the same cells, then no, you shouldn’t have any problems. But I don’t know where you’ll fit them all…

I would say that how you build it is even more important. More cells = more fire if something goes wrong

The upside is that you can go with high energy density cells such as Sanyo NCR18650GA or Samsung INR18650-35E

Im using samsung 18650 30c. What avoidance tips you recommend. 8p so farr has no hot spots. I’ve doubled up strips between s. I have an off road long board so space is no issue.

I would use fish paper in all positive sides on all cells and also isolate all series groups, this means that each P group has no contact with each other, you can also use fish paper or plastic spacers

WTH are you running that 8p is not enough range? Lol my set up should get 60/30 miles range conservatively with 107s or 6 shooters with a 12s8p

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Less charge/discharge cycles with 16p…

8kg just for the battery…uh ja…it’s going to be a heavy thing. How you gonna charge it? With a 16a charger? Just interested how long it would take with a 2a laptop brick from 20-100%? :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

Instead of doubling the cell count, consider going 10s12p or something like that with lower discharge, higher capacity cells. In general, higher discharge = lower capacity. But with that many cells in parallel, even relatively low discharge cells will be able to supply enough amperage.

Apart from the mechanical and weight issue, the only thing I see being a problem is the balancing portion of the charge cycle will take FOREVER. Most BMS’s have a balance current of like 150ma.

With quality cells they shouldn’t become unbalanced in the first place, and with a large P number, the small variations between cells get further averaged

My 10S3P has been through 100 or so charge cycles and I can’t measure a voltage difference between groups to the second decimal digit (no BMS)