118kv Trampa become hot

Hi everyone,

My Dual Trampa 118kv Vesc6 Setup become over 70^C after 30min. I use the metr App for Tracking.

Here my stats

In my oppinion is that Not to hard.

Here my last ride


Thanks for help!

Maybe @trampa can offer some advice. I am running a 136kv motor and it gets pretty warm as well.

Did you setup the board or it come ready from them? if the former you probably have to configure the beta factor of the NTC sensor in the motor to have an accurate reading

Hi Thx for your answers. I bought a lot of Parts at Trampa but i Setup the Board complet by my Self. How i have to configurate the beta factor of the NTC?

How many Amps do you push? 45A is about right. Do you use motor filters?


My stats

Motor max 40A Brake -30 Battery max 40A

I Cover my Motors like yours.

Try it without covers or a wider mesh. Airflow is what you want! Can’t understand why some manufacturers decide to design their motors fully closed. Is your Belt very tight? Wheel nut to tight? Twin drive?


It is a twin Drive.

I will try all your proposals and give you a feedback.

When you touch the motors do they feel as 70 degrees? How long can you touch them? Also are you hill climbing or is it on flat ground?

As @trampa mentioned your mesh could be the problem, do you use the same mesh at the end of the cans? The holes are very tiny so there is not much airflow, if the mesh has an overlap it’s even worse.

This is how my mesh looked like compared to yours, you can see through it.

It’s black painted mesh of a frying pan splash guard like Frank used in his thread. I highly recommend to use a vacuum cleaner after cutting like advised, I didn’t and had parts sticking in my sole of foot, what a pain :rofl:

Thanks man!

I will Test it without the mesh.

The Motors dosent feel like 70 degree,i would say 45-50 degree. I can Touch the motors the whole Time without any problems. 90% of my Tracks are flat ground.

then do what @Pedrodemio said :wink:

You have to touch the front shield to feel the heat, not the motor can.