11s9p Sanyo NCR18650GA Battery for Dual 6374?

These cells are rated at 10a each but mooch says that there is some sag on 10A and he recommends it on 7a per cell which is still 63a cont and probably 120a burst when needed/if needed. (im around 115kg with the deck)

Im building a trampa for the streets/ light cursing no mtb as im too lazy and that seems exhausting

This should give me a nice 1100wh so no worries about how much juice i got left Do you guys have any reason not to make a battery with these cells? They are on ES for 3.6$ each so this is 360$, a steal!

Whitepony did something like this

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If I were going to get a load of cheaper, lower-discharge cells than the 30Q but still with a decent capacity, would be wrong to overlook the humble PF


Are they that significantly different in terms of sag? Capacity diff is 450mAh that’s tempting

BTW the GA is outta stock on nkon, maybe look at splitting 180+ the discount makes a load of sense

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Im planning on buying the cells from EndlessSphere 3.6$ each These PF cost 3.15$ each i think these 45cents per each are worth the extra $ 29ah for 361 (sanyo) 26 For 311$

And I also readed somewhere that those PF have high IR and sag a lot

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You saw my link on the other thread :smiley:

Hope it goes well for you

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11S5P with these :thinking:


well, nvm… very expensive…

what is peak discharge on those just 10A?

That’s a good price and capacity matters for sure

Im not sure, lets say they are 8a cont (rated 10) Thats still 73a cont which should be enaugh

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Yeah 10a constant, big parallel makes it a smaller problem

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tnx guys looking to make a 12s 8p on dual 6374

What cells?

NCR18650PF seems cheap and good

Do some research on their IR, and post back :smiley:

they are less then 35 mohm so at 8 in parallel its like 5 mohm which is lovely les than a 4p12s q30 pack witch is like 6,5

i also ordert a few 26650 liitokala cells of china they say they are 20a discharge 5000mah and 26 mohm for 4 euro a piece !!! so it seems to good to be true so i ordert 4 and some 1 ohm resistors so i am gone put them true some heavy cycels and she if they can be a candidate

I have these cells in a 10s4p config. Great for cruising and have no prob reaching speed and climbing hills. Has a pretty decent tourque but some expected sag being lighter in the discharge dept. But 9p you would love these cells.

Are you stuffing all those cells on top of the board?

Is that for single 6374?

i have a 42 by 10 inch deck 3 rose of 18650 of 2 tick witch whil easly fit

Yes mono drive 6374 190kv. 16/36 gearing. In BLDC mode got it up to 42km/hr and about 39km/hr in FOC. If you have hills to climb, get batteries with a higher discharge (unless you go with lots of parallel groups) but on flats I’m very happy with these cells. Good safe chemistry as well apparently.