12 Days of Deals! (Updated Dates)

Hope everyone is having a good holiday season! To celebrate a wonderful year of growth for the store I will be discounting various items from the 3rd to the 15th of December. As well as all orders over $199 will have free shipping in the US - Coupon Code: FREESHIP

Day 1 (12/4) - Motor Mounts $55 Day 2 (12/5) - VESC Bluetooth Adapter $15 Day 3 (12/6) - All Power Switches 10% off Day 4 (12/7) - OESC $99 Day 5 (12/8) - Small Remote $45 Day 6 (12/9) - Handheld Electric Remote $55 Day 7 (12/10) - 12S2P Stealth Pack $199 (Updated) Day 8 (12/11) - 12S3P Stealth Packs $299 (Updated) Day 9 (12/12) - Sensored 6374 Motor $109 Day 10 (12/13) - Hubmotor set and kit $50 off (Updated) Day 11 (12/14) - Carbon S $899 (Updated) Day 12 (12/15) - Carbon D $1299


All deals are while supplies last. Backorder options available for some out of stock items. Will be delivered Jan 2018 Hubmotors are a pre-order item, some deliveries may arrive by Dec. 25 most will arrive Jan 2018 Carbon D is a pre-order item and will be delivered Feb 2018


Seriously considering the 12s3p pack. What is the cell type and includes BMS?

Great! All packs are Samsung 30Q and 50amp BMS


Awesome :blush:

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Are the battery flat ?

They are pretty flat…

Yes they are flat packs.

12S3P - 35133342mm 12S2P - Flat: 21140300mm Folded: 35140220mm

Price includes the optional power switch right?

No they do not that’s an add on

@willpark16 is right. The price listed is the starting price for the battery. For the switch and LCD it is $50 more.

Details on OESC? That’s a heatsink, right? Did you implement any of the improvements on 4.12?

OESC is a double layer VESC will all the MosFETS on one side and an aluminum heatsink for cooling and protection.

Before shipping them, I personally program and test each one on a 12S 6374 Sensored Motor setup.

They come with a single replacement warranty if used with my batteries and motors. If you do not use my products I still offer support and can usually repair or replace for a fee. I also offer email support to help you with settings for your personal build dependent on motor and batteries you want to use.

Here is pic of it without the heatshrink and separated from the heatsink.

If you would like more details feel free to always reach out via email or pm.

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Wow. Thanks for the detailed reply. You should really put this in the production description. Unless you’re trying to not sell that many. :slight_smile:

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These batteries look like a great deal if 30Q, awesome!

Any chance you can add a deal on the Carbon Fiber Deck only?

Thanks! And sorry the deck is too close to cost to lower the price. However it will qualify for free shipping.

Haha, just told 2 esk8 about your stealth 30Q pack sale when they weee examjnnng my ME stealth battery. A deal for sure. Actually one guy said you were still in Miami, I thought you moved?

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Thanks for the huge support man! and yes, I live in Texas now. DFW area.

I forgot where, just got back from 5 days in FW, shipped a raptor 2 for fun and did Trinity Park river trails etc. nice!

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First Day of Deals! Motor Mounts today just $55! https://miamielectricboards.com/shop-1/enertion-motor-mounts


Day 2 of deals! VESC Bluetooth adaptor just $15! https://miamielectricboards.com/shop-1/vesc-bluetooth-adapter

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