12 Days of Deals! (Updated Dates)

Day 3 Deal - All power switches 10% off! https://miamielectricboards.com/shop-1/120amp-12s-power-switch

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Day 4 Deal - OESC just $99! https://miamielectricboards.com/shop-1/vesc

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I wish it would hurry up and get to day 11 !!! :slight_smile:

me too. 12s3p 30q much needed

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@mmaner @Mikenopolis thanks for the support guys!

I was thinking of shuffling the days bringing the batteries to day 7 and 8 and moving the hub motors and Carbon S up, since those won’t ship till Jan.

Would love to hear if more people are interested in moving the batteries sooner, let me know and I’ll update the deals tonight.

Also been super busy today with yesterday’s orders haven’t had a chance to update the thread today.

Day 5 Deal - Small Remote just $45!



Sounds good either way. Just make sure you don’t post them on the weekend since I’m with my daughter all the time and don’t use my phone and computer much!

I assume I would still be able to add in the power switch w/LCD and charge port to the order?

12s2p would land on sunday 12s3p would go on sale monday

Yes Power switch w/lcd is available as option

sales are from midnight to midnight cst

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Hey Everyone!

I updated the daily deals to bring the batteries sooner!

Here are the new days: Day 1 (12/4) - Motor Mounts $55 Day 2 (12/5) - VESC Bluetooth Adapter $15 Day 3 (12/6) - All Power Switches 10% off Day 4 (12/7) - OESC $99 Day 5 (12/8) - Small Remote $45 Day 6 (12/9) - Handheld Electric Remote $55 Day 7 (12/10) - 12S2P Stealth Pack $199 (Updated) Day 8 (12/11) - 12S3P Stealth Packs $299 (Updated) Day 9 (12/12) - Sensored 6374 Motor $109 Day 10 (12/13) - Hubmotor set and kit $50 off (Updated) Day 11 (12/14) - Carbon S $899 (Updated) Day 12 (12/15) - Carbon D $1299


Day 6 Deal - Handheld remote control just $55! https://miamielectricboards.com/shop-1/handheld-electric-remote

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Thanks everyone for the nighttime orders! Woke up to a bit of work!

Day 7 Deal - Samsung 30Q 12S2P Stealth packs starting at $199! https://miamielectricboards.com/shop-1/stealth-packs-ldjyr

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That’s a tough call! Lol. I really want a 12s pack but I NEED hubs with the quickness! Lol.

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I ordered the 12S3P Stealth Pack, looking forward to this on my new LHB deck :slight_smile:

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Repeat after me. I don’t need dual drive 6374. I don’t need a dual drive 6374. I don’t need a…

What was I saying again? Those motors look good



Order Number: #00453 Done…Guess I’ll be having extra value meals for a while


Im with you brother, #00452. Wanna split a large frie :slight_smile:


@Mikenopolis and @mmaner looks like both of you forgot to use “freeship” coupon code. I got you though.

Day 8 Deal - 12S3P starting at $299!! https://miamielectricboards.com/shop-1/stealth-pack-12s3p

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Thanks! I totally forgot about the FREESHIP code you mentioned. Thanks for adjusting!

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You rock out loud sir, thanks a ton. I can get a burger now too @Mikenopolis :slight_smile:

“Is that for here of to go sir?”

“Table service my young lad, table service”


LOLOL, thats awesome :slight_smile: